A Fruitful Partnership[2] is the second episode of ‘The Alienist.’ It premiered on Monday, January 29, 2018, at 9 p.m. ET/PT across TNT platforms.


The investigation heats up as Sara (Dakota Fanning) gets her hands on a clue and Kreizler (Daniel Brühl) tries to connect the evidence left behind by the serial killer. Tensions rise within the police department. Kreizler takes Moore (Luke Evans), Sara, Marcus (Douglas Smith) and Lucius (Matthew Shear) to Delmonico’s in New York and informs them they are going to be working together as a team to catch the killer. [2]

Cast Edit


Guest StarringEdit


  • Balint Adorjani as Delmonico's Waiter
  • Ignatius Anthony as Detective Graves
  • Virag Barany as Mrs. Rajk
  • Dan Bradford as Santorelli Priest
  • Richard Bremmer as Mortician
  • Eugenia Caruso as Mrs. Santorelli
  • Marcus D'Amico as Charlie Delmonico
  • Jacqueline Dafferary as Tessie
  • Jamie Kaye as Sally
  • Ezra Fieremans as Ernestine
  • CJ O'Toole as Paulina
  • Tate Pitchie-Cooper as Fatima
  • Giovanni Scotti as Enzo Santorelli
  • Kyle Stevens as Singer at Paresis Hall
  • Mary Stockley as Mrs. Tinker
  • Mark Szekulesz as Mr. Rajk
  • Klara Tolnai as Ruth
  • Gerald Tyler as Charles T. Matchett
  • Benedek Vincze as Angel Face
  • Scott Alexander Young as Roundsman Hanrahan


  • Gabriele Caprio as Young Though #3
  • Harvey Weedon as Paresis Hall Boy #1
  • Luke Walker as Paresis Hall Boy #7
  • Sonny Charlton as Paresis Hall Boy #3
  • Peter Rugman as Paresis Hall Boy #4
  • Anson Boon as Paresis Hall Boy #5
  • Edward Saunders as Paresis Hall Boy #6


Dr. Kreizler (to his associates): "A toast to the beginning of a fruitful partnership!"
Dr. Kreizler (to his associates): "We may not know his name or where he lives, but he exists in plain sight."
Sara Howard (to Dr. Kreizler): "It wouldn't be fair to assume anything about me, Doctor."
John Moore (to Dr. Kreizler): "My God! Do you never tire ­of the sound of your own voice?!"


Photo by Kata Vermes and Jesse Giddings. [Courtesy of TNT Pressroom]

Photo by Kata Vermes and Jesse Giddings. [Courtesy of TNT Pressroom]



  • The episode covers from chapter Eight to chapter Eleven of Part One of Caleb Carr's novel, with some changes and additional original scenes, such as Marcus' involvement with the socialist party and the Isaacson's household as well as some Sara's scenes at the Police Department.
  • The title of the episode comes from the incipit of the toast speech made by Dr. Kreizler.


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