Ali ibn-Ghazi was a Syrian immigrant sold to Scotch Ann due to gambling debts. Forced to prostitution, he assumed the name of Fatima while working at the Golden Rule.

He is a guest-starring character in ‘The Alienist’, and he is portrayed by Tate Pitchie-Cooper.


New York City, 1896. Ali wandered the Tenderloin, trying to make some money but was constantly harassed by other prostitutes and thugs. Angered by the impossibility of earning the evening, Ali went to an alley to break bottles against the wall. There, he was approached by a mysterious man. [1]

After the first encounter, Ali and the men spent time together at the Golden Rule. Hidden in one of the rooms, the boy was visited by the man, who used to caress him in an attempt to secure the boy's trust. Ali was curious to know what happened to the man's mouth, but the mysterious visitor changed the subject, eager to be more intimate. During an undefined number of days, the man had promised to "Fatima" to save him from the brothel, and bring him to his "Castle in the Sky," as Ali later told his friend "Bernadette" – who, in turn, told it to John Moore. [2]

On April 3rd, 1896, the man revealed to be the mysterious murderer who had already butchered Benjamin and Sofia Zweig, an unidentified "Negro boy" — as reported by police — Aaron Morton, and Giorgio Santorelli. Ali was assaulted and killed and his horribly mutilated body was left on display on the roof of Castle Gardens. The killer had taken away his eyes, severed his right hand and gutted his entrails. [3]

Appearance and PersonalityEdit

Ali was a preadolescent boy with amber skin, big black eyes, shaved hair, and a kind face. He was primarily dressed in raggedy clothes. When prostituting himself, he generally wore women's clothing and went by the name of "Fatima."

Ali was an innocent and curious boy, though the hard life of the street had hardened his character. Sold to a brothel by his own father after losing to gambling debts, Ali dreamed of freedom. A friend of other unfortunate boys like him such as Joseph and Peter, he found a premature death for trusting someone who had made him believe he wanted to save him.

Memorable QuotesEdit

Ali (to the killer): "What happened to your mouth?"
A Fruitful Partnership



Episode AppearanceEdit

The Alienist


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