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They can go out and get a new one. They're just stupid dogs! Stupid, stupid dogs!
— Charles to Dr. Kreizler[src]

Charles Blythe is an inmate at Bellevue Hospital, interviewed by Dr. Laszlo Kreizler.

He is a guest-starring character in ‘The Alienist’, and he is portrayed by Ash Matthews.


At Kreizler Institute, Dr. Laszlo Kreizler conducted a psychological examination on Charles, a boy interned at Bellevue Hospital for his impulse in butchering dogs. Aimed to find out the reason behind it, Dr. Kreizler was unable to reach satisfactory conclusions. Initially, Charles tried to outsmart the alienist by claiming his repentance, biting his nails with detachment from the situation. But after a slight exchange of opinions, Charles's violence resurfaced from under the layered lies and the boy started to yell at the alienist. Although Charles claimed to have written letters of apology, Dr. Kraizler pointed out that, in reality, it had been his mother and that Charles was lying. Arrived at a standstill, the alienist could not help but send Charles back to Bellevue. [1]

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Memorable QuotesEdit

Dr. Kreizler: "How does it feel when you're engaged in the act itself? Have you tried to stop yourself?"
Charles: "I thought I could. I even promised my parents, but the feeling always comes back, and I have to do it again."
Charles: "Mr. Hoobler is a liar. He said it was a Chinaman snatching up the dogs in the neighbourhood 'cause Chinamen eat dogs!"
Dr. Kreizler: "But you were the one killing them."
Charles: "I said I was sorry! I even wrote letters to their owners and asked them to forgive me."
Dr. Kreizler: "Your mother wrote those letters. Do you not understand why some of them want you punished? Charles? Charles! I asked you a question."
Charles: "They can go out and get a new one. They're just stupid dogs stupid, stupid dogs."
These Bloody Thoughts



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The Alienist


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