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Eliza is a woman from a boarding house sent by Mrs. Kirkpatrick to guide Miss Howard during her visit to New Paltz.

She is a guest-starring character portrayed by Cassi Thomson.


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Appearance and Personality Edit

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Memorable QuotesEdit

Eliza (to Miss Howard, about Sheriff Early): "Don't believe a word he says."
Miss Howard: "This man is he still around?"
Eliza "In a manner of speaking."
Miss Howard: "What manner is that?"
Eliza "In a manner not of this Earth. He died up in the Gunks. Fell off a thousand-foot cliff. That was right around the time the Durys were killed."
Miss Howard: "Do you think it was an accident?"
Eliza "An accident? His throat was cut from ear to ear. His eyes were missing."
Psychopathia Sexualis



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