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I’ve been working the streets of New York City for as long as I can remember. Where else am I supposed to go? How else am I supposed to make a living? But when working boys started disappearing, Mr. John Moore warned me to stay safe. As if that’s even possible in this city. I’ve now seen the killer at work first hand, and I fear I will pay the consequences.
— Joseph[1]

Joseph is a young prostitute who gave an important clue to John Moore in his pursuit of the killer.

He's a character portrayed by Jackson Gann.

Appearance and PersonalityEdit

Joseph is referred to as “Bernadette” when with clients. The child appears to be about 12 or 13. Bernadette is the employee of brothel owner Scotch Anne. Bernadette speaks and dresses as a female but uses a male voice and name after Detective Sergeant Isaacson shows her a police badge.


Joseph tells Detective Sergeant Marcus Isaacson and John Moore how Ali identified as “Fatima” and went with “a Saint” who said he’d take her to a castle in the sky. John is kind to Joseph, wiping the makeup off with a handkerchief and warning Joseph not to go with the “man with the silver smile” because he killed Fatima. John then gave Joseph a calling card asking him to contact him immediately if he sees the “man with the silver smile.” [2]

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  • Unlike the novel by Caleb Carr, Joseph is not killed by Beecham and left in front of Moore's door as a warning. In the TV adaptation, Joseph overlaps the unidentified last kidnapped boy saved by Kreizler and Moore at the Croton Reservoir.

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