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Mrs. Moore is John Schuyler Moore's grandmother, who welcomed her grandson into her own house after he became estranged from his father. Following the breakup of the engagement between John and Julia Pratt, Mrs. Moore tries to arrange a new engagement for her grandson, in the hope of having great-grandchildren.

She's a guest-starring character in The Alienist, portrayed by Grace Zabriskie.


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Appearance and Personality Edit

Mrs. Moore is an elderly woman with a delicate and elegant appearance. She has silvery hair styled more often than not in a chignon, and wears austere but elegant dresses in the shades of black, burgundy and blue. She also wears minimal but refined accessories such as necklaces, or rings. Mrs. Moore wears rounded spectacles when reading.

Mrs. Moore is an opinionated woman who gladly took on the role of matriarch of the Moore family. Although she is strict and very careful to maintain a respectable façade in high society, she is also a loving grandmother who really cares about the success and health of her grandson, John. Mrs. Moore is quite determined to ensure the wellbeing of her grandson by setting up meetings with potential fiancées during afternoon teas at Moore house.

She's not fond of modern technology, and find the telephone to be a dreadful machine.

Memorable QuotesEdit

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  • In Caleb Carr's novel, Mrs. Moore is terrified of the possibility of becoming a victim of H. H. Holmes, a serial killer who caused a sensation in the 19th century. H. H. Holmes become famous for killing an unspecified number of victims – ranging from canonical 9, to confessed 27 to even hundreds in popular culture – in his "Murder Castle," a building with several torture chambers where his tenants met a gruesome death.
    • As a pun to the novel, in Castle in the Sky she said to her grandson, John that she's not afraid of serial killers and psychopaths after an afternoon tea with Dr. Laszlo Kreizler.

Episode AppearanceEdit

The Alienist