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I'm a Van Bergen. You're a nobody!
— Willem to Connor[src]

Willem Van Bergen was a wealthy scion of a rich family, as well as one of the major suspects by the police in the murders of Giorgio Santorelli and Ali ibn-Ghazi.

He is a guest character portrayed by Josef Altin.

Backstory Edit

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Appearance and Personality Edit

Willem was a tall, thin young man with black eyes and hair. After falling ill with a venereal disease, probably syphilis, he got characteristic teeth stained by a silver patina caused by mercury-based treatments, giving him a so-called "silver smile." He was always impeccably dressed, with suits, waistcoats, and tailored trousers. His look was completed by a bowler hat, pocket watch, and rings.

Willem was a young man who grew up in high society, and for this reason, he believed he was invested with rights that placed him above the law. Spoiled and presumptuous, Willem was easily inclined to throwing tantrums when things didn't meet his desires, behaving like a child despite being in his thirties. His homosexuality and apparent sadism have long been hidden by both parents, especially his mother, who have always tried to hide his illicit activities. It is hinted that he may have been sexually abused by his mother, as seen when she kisses both of his cheeks, and then slowly moves towards his mouth, causing Willem to burst into a tantrum of opposition.

Memorable QuotesEdit

Willem Van Burgen (to some Golden Rules boys): "Evening, girls. Which one of you is up for a little fun?"
These Bloody Thoughts

Willem (to Connor and Doyle): "Who are you? I have money."
Willem: "I'm a Van Bergen. We're part of the Four Hundred!"
Connor: "You're nothing but a rich, little pansy! Dirty sodomite!"
Willem: "You cannot talk to me like that! I'm a Van Bergen! You cannot touch me! You won't do that. You can't do that. You'll pay for this! You'll hang! "
Willem: "I'm a Van Bergen. You're a nobody!"


Photo by Kata Vermes and Jesse Giddings. [Courtesy of TNT Pressroom]


  • Unlike many of the characters, Willem Van Bergen does not appear in the novel by Caleb Carr. However, part of his story is similar to that of some characters on which Dr. Kreizler's ensemble investigated.

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